So called Boston sports “experts”

Sports are entrenched in my life. I love watching sports, playing sports, going to sporting events, but most of all, I love debating sports. I always seem to get frustrated when I read an article that seems like the author is dead wrong. Boston sports writers like Dan Shaughnessy, Bob Ryan, and Tony Massarotti appear to know everything there is to know. They walk, talk, act, and write as if they are the so called “experts” on Boston sports. But really, what makes them experts? I’m not saying that they are always wrong. They are certainly knowledgeable enough to write some good articles, but they are not always right.

The focus of this blog will be to call out Boston sports writers when they don’t perform up to par. They constantly criticize the athletes, coaches, and owners in Boston but rarely receive any criticism themselves. Not everyone necessarily always agrees with these writers, but most people do not have a voice to take them on. As a fan and an aspiring journalist, I will take on this task of reviewing articles written by Boston sports writers. When they are right, I will give them credit.  But when they are wrong, I will let them have it.

I will also use this blog to post about any other compelling debates in the sports world. At heart I am a Boston fan, but first and foremost, I am a sports fan. I love debating sports with friends, family, and fans. I don’t do it just to prove people wrong, but rather because I simply love talking about sports.

That being said, please enjoy the blog, and feel free to comment if you disagree with me!

-Bobby LeBlanc


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