Time’s up, Youk

Courtesy of Jamie Baker (Fireflyez76)

Kevin Youkilis is playing in his last season as a Boston Red Sox. Or rather, he’s sitting it out on the DL with a bad back. But what else is new? Youkilis has missed 21 of 39 games this season and did not play in 102 games over the previous two seasons. He has only hit .253 since the beginning of last season. Simply put, Youk is not the player he once was, and he can’t stay healthy.

As much as I have loved Youk over the years, he has to go. Whether it be now via trade, before the deadline, or at the end of the season, his time as a Red Sox is done. Either way, Kevin Youkilis will be a free agent at the end of the season and will not be resigning with the Boston Red Sox.

That being said, what should the team do with him now? With the young Will Middlebrooks playing well in Youkilis’ absence, should the Red Sox look to trade now? The answer is, no. Youkilis no longer has the same trade value  he once had. No team would be willing to give up anything significant to get him now.

So let Youk play. Give him the opportunity to prove himself. If he can stay healthy and perform up to his capabilities, he will be of great value to a team like the San Francisco Giants. At that point in time, bring up Middlebrooks and let him play out the rest of the season in the majors. He’s shown some vulnerability the passed couple of games, but I still believe he is the future third baseman of the Boston Red Sox.

Like I said, I love Kevin Youkilis. I love his intensity, and his passion for the game of baseball. He’s been a fan favorite in Boston ever since he stepped on the field and for good reason. Although I will miss the Youk man, I do recognize that his career in Boston is coming to a close.


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