NFL Predictions 2012/2013

The simple thought of Eli Manning again hoisting the Super Bowl MVP Trophy while Tom Brady sat silently by his locker is enough to make me gag. I would go so far as to say the mere sight hurt as much as Aaron Boone’s 2003 ALCS home run off Tim Wakefield. The result of Super Bowl XLVI again sent complete shock and bewilderment through Patriot nation. I didn’t think I’d ever recover… until now.

The start of a new NFL season brings new hope for Patriots fans. A new season brings hope that Tom Brady’s legacy can be complete with a fourth Super Bowl. It brings hope that a fourth Super Bowl title in six tries will make everyone forget about Eli Manning’s New York Giants. And finally, it brings New England fans hope that Tom Brady will still win his fourth title and be cemented as the greatest quarterback in NFL history.

Tom Brady (Photo Courtesy of Keith Allison – flickr)

With the Giants already losing to the Cowboys in game one, here are my predictions for the 2012/2012 NFL season.

Starting with the Division standings:

AFC East

  1. New England Patriots
  2. Buffalo Bills
  3. New York Jets
  4. Miami Dolphins

AFC North

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers
  2. Baltimore Ravens
  3. Cincinnati Bengals
  4. Cleveland Browns

AFC South

  1. Houston Texans
  2. Indianapolis Colts
  3. Tennessee Titans
  4. Jacksonville Jaguars

AFC West

  1. Denver Broncos
  2. San Diego Chargers
  3. Kansas City Chiefs
  4. Oakland Raiders

AFC Wild Card winners: Baltimore Ravens, San Diego Chargers

NFC East

  1. Dallas Cowboys
  2. Philadelphia Eagles
  3. New York Giants
  4. Washington Redskins

NFC North

  1. Green Bay Packers
  2. Chicago Bears
  3. Detroit Lions
  4. Minnesota Vikings

NFC South

  1. Atlanta Falcons
  2. New Orleans Saints
  3. Carolina Panthers
  4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

NFC West

  1. San Francisco 49ers
  2. Seattle Seahawks
  3. St. Louis Rams
  4. Arizona Cardinals

NFC Wild Card winners: Philadelphia Eagles, Chicago Bears

AFC Championship Game: New England Patriots over Denver Broncos (20-17)

NFC Championship Game: Green Bay Packers over Philadelphia Eagles (34-24)

Super Bowl XLVII: New England Patriots over Green Bay Packers (31-28)

The New England Patriots and the Green Bay Packers are the two best teams going into the 2012/2013 season. Brady and Aaron Rodgers are masters at the most important position in the NFL. They know how to win, and more importantly, they make everyone around them that much better.

Expectations for the Patriots are as high as ever. It’s Super Bowl or bust again for Brady and coach Belichick. Will this be the season they complete their legacy as the greatest head coach/quarterback duo in NFL history? Pats fans hope so, even if the rest of the NFL doesn’t.

On that note, I leave you with Grantland’s Honest NFL Logos.  Enjoy opening weekend everyone.


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