Weaver and Price for Cy Young, Angels and Rays fight for wild card

Photos courtesy of Keith Allison on Flickr

Jered Weaver and David Price are in a dead heat for the 2012 AL Cy Young award. Fans may forget that Weaver finished second for the award in 2011 after being overshadowed by Justin Verlander’s astonishing season. This year is different. This year could be Weaver’s year.

Weaver’s 1.00 WHIP is the best in all of baseball, along with his .800 winning percentage. He is the ace of an underachieving Angels team and has been the only true consistent pitcher for them all season long. Although he hasn’t been quite as good as last year, he also doesn’t have to worry about Verlander stealing his thunder again. However, he does have to worry about a young lefty pitching the lights out in Florida.

The only true threat to Weaver’s run for Cy Young is David Price of the Tampa Bay Rays. Price’s 17-5 record is very similar to Weaver’s 17-4, and he does have a slightly better ERA of 2.54. Price too finished in second place for the award back 2010, falling short to Mariners phenom King Felix.

With the season coming to an end for each Cy Young candidate, the race will come down to their last few starts. What is even more exciting is that each of their starts truly matter. The Angels and Rays are both in a battle for the new second wild card spot this season with only about 20 games left to play. If either team is going to make the playoffs, the Angels and Rays need their two aces at their absolute best down the stretch.

Now this is what a Cy Young race is supposed to come down to, two pitchers battling it out in the most dire games of the season in late September. Price or Weaver, Rays or Angels, who will it be? This is why we watch.


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